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  • Temp Source has a large and well-established pool of professional experienced personnel, specializing in hospitality, catering and food service staffing since 1991. We have over 30 years' experience as a temp agency and 25 years' experience in the hospitality industry.

  • Our staffing specialists understand your business. Culinary placements are supervised by our executive chef. All Temp Source recruiters have a background in food service and banquet management.

  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist you with staffing emergencies.

  • Background checks, enhanced skills training, cross-training and proper uniforms are provided by Temp Source.

  • Temp Source is locally owned and managed since 1983.

  • Examples of satisfied Temp Source clients include: Aetna, Aramark, Eurest Dining, Flik International Dining, Host America, Sodexho, Marriott, Hartford Gold Club, Foxwoods Casino and St. Francis Hospital.
To ensure all of our client companies are thoroughly happy with the service we provide, Temp Source employs a comprehensive set of procedures to confirm that all of our temporaries are completely qualified prior to being assigned to your company. Key to our success is our five-fold process to guarantee that all of our temporaries are of the highest caliber and meet all of your company's requirements.
These procedures include:

  1. BACKGROUND CHECKS: Our background checking procedures are extremely thorough including both written and verbal investigations of employment and educational histories. For specialized positions, Temp Source can provide our clients with more extensive background investigations including criminal background checks, motor vehicle histories and drug testing.

  2. TESTING and TRAINING: Temp Source utilizes a unique combination of specific hands-on testing as well as written examinations to ensure that any temporary assigned to your company will arrive possessing all the skills required to precisely match your position and successfully complete the job. Training and cross-training is available for temporaries to enhance their skills. Periodic training seminars are offered to our hospitality staff to enhance their serving experience with fine-dining techniques and to refine their customer service skills.

  3. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION: To monitor temporaries' on-the-job competency, written performance evaluations are sent to our clients for each job to which a temporary is assigned, followed up by periodic evaluation calls on long-term assignments. Any temporary receiving a mediocre performance appraisal is counseled by a staffing specialist to encourage improvement. Any temporary receiving a poor performance appraisal is not utilized to fill any future positions through Temp Source.

  4. ORIENTATION: All of our new temporaries receive an intensive orientation detailing our rigid expectations. Topics covered include punctuality, attire, professional work ethic, positive attitude, commitment to Temp Source and commitment to every client company to which they are assigned. All temporaries understand that if they fail to report an assignment and they have no documented excuse, they will never work for Temp Source again. As a result, we enjoy a negligible "no-show" rate and our temporaries embody our standards of professionalism.

  5. PERFORMANCE INCENTIVES: Temp Source offers its temporary employees a variety of performance incentives to promote retention and continued professional performance.Examples include perfect attendance bonuses, "Temp of the Month" prizes, as well as increased pay rates commensurate with additional skills acquired, length of service with the company and excellent performance evaluations obtained through our review process.
Temp Source guarantees your satisfaction with every employee we send, or you don't pay! Just notify us within four hours of the start of an assignment and you will not be charged for the work performed.
Give us a call today – we look forward to working with you!

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